So, Christmas eve boxes are all the rage right now. This new ‘tradition’ appeared a couple of years ago, and doesn’t look like its going away. While we can provide you with the box, personalised to your needs, we don’t supply the goodies inside – we feel that is just too personal.

With that in mind though, we would like to help – for those who may not be sure of the best things to pop into their christmas eve boxes.

The main takeaway of this idea is to help the kids get ready for Christmas, with a light sprinkling of Christmas excitement. While they will be naturally excited, it is great to put things into the Christmas Eve box that will help the child ‘unwind’ and relax their way to sleep on Christmas Eve.

So, heres our top Ideas:

  • A Christmas Movie

Ahhhh, the staple of a ‘family night in’ this close to christmas is a movie. Think ‘Elf’ or ‘Home Alone’, or for the more up to date crowd – ‘Arthur Christmas’

  • Small Board Game

Something to do the night before christmas, a small board game, something easy to play – ideally for the whole family to join in!

  • Pyjamas

What better for a lovely, cosy night before christmas, than a nice new pair of pyjamas? Wrap them up for a little bit of extra ‘wow’ factor.

  • Hot Chocolate

A great staple drink, ideal before bed time – possibly a light (low sugar) version so the kids can get off to sleep easily.

Why not put the platter inside the box, ready for the kids to prepare a drink & snack for santa, and food for rudolph too?

  • Alternatives

For children that arent screen obsessed, maybe a christmas colouring book, as well as a christmas story book to read just before bed?


We do hope you take away some ideas from this list and they help you make your Christmas eve special.



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