No, its not Christmas yet and already we are experiencing the usual issues plus some new ones. I feel forced to write this to show some of the totally wrong and sneaky ways that Royal Mail operate, since we moved to using them exclusively for our parcels and packets.

We have had an important (time sensitive) order recently which was sent by Tracked 24 and still shows as ‘sender despatching item’ with the following text;

  • This item is on its way to Royal Mail.
  • The sender has advised they’ve despatched your item to us.
  • The sender has advised us they’re preparing your item. More information will be available when we receive it.

The above would be fine if it was accurate or true. What it actually means is;

  • The postman has collected your item but hasnt scanned it which is normal for a Business, and its been unloaded at the depot, where it is sat waiting to be scanned and put ‘into the network’.
  • Royal Mail are so busy because of the strikes, so we havent got around to scanning it into the network making it late.
  • As your parcel is now late anyway, and Royal Mail have targets to meet, Royal Mail will focus on delivering new parcels first…

But – a customer (you guys) see a message saying that we are ‘preparing your item’! This is rightfully frustrating, but believe me – we are as frustrated as you. A staff member confirmed that this practice is standard to ensure mail delivery delays dont affect the performance of Royal Mail as a whole.

So, we are looking into using a courier once more for our larger items, and if your parcels have been affected by the shoddiness of the UK’s national postage ‘service’ I apologise. We will always aim to do better.

Vague… for a reason – confusing, yes. accurate, no.

3 thoughts on “So, Royal Mail is at it again… A customer disappointment.

  1. David McDonald says:

    It’s appalling, item advised on 29th November and hasn’t moved since , I have sympathy for the workers but it’s diminishing very quickly .

  2. Louisa Bess says:

    Hi, just wondering if you had any progress with this as I’ve had the same thing happen. The postman collected my items from my home but didn’t scan them. The tracking is showing that they are still expecting the items. Thanks for any help you can offer.

    • myadmin says:

      How long has it been? Once the strikes were over in January, we thought this would get better. And briefly it did, but around Valentine’s Day it started to be an issue once more. Our 1st class items can take anything from 1-5 days and 2nd class is taking 2-10. We have now started physically taking items to a more local depot that is less busy, but – as it turns out they send their items to Wolverhampton – which was the one we were trying to avoid. Birmingham depot seems better but of course mail takes different routes. Tracked 24 and 48 is just as bad, I’d avoid tracked 48 at all costs.

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