Thank you for your support this year!

‘There’s still a bit of the year left’ I hear you say… But one thing that we have learnt this year is our limits. After doubling our capacity, and then some – we soon ran out of space and time. We are at capacity again. We started this for our friends and family and it has grew into something we are immensely proud of – but also we need to make sure we can achieve our promises of delivery before Christmas.

So, with a heavy but happy heart we have now closed our ‘order book’ for Christmas.

This is the only way for it to be fair for our customers who have already ordered, and to provide a quality service right up until Christmas. This gives us – and all of our customers the best chance to be happy with their orders, especially if any problems arise!

In 2020 we have LOTS of exciting news. We will be launching a new spin-off brand with a huge range of products, as well as bolstering our existing store with a lot of new products that we have been apprehensive to launch this year (being so busy doesn’t leave us much time to perfect new designs) and we will be working hard to make new things for you all!

Thank you to everyone. Our customers, our friends and our very patient family. Enjoy Christmas, as we intend to!

And if you have already ordered – your order will be processed and delivered on time.

– Made Yours

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